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Sweet Ticket Deal

Then the deal was expanded to add 20 more tickets and premiere seating in a high priced box.

Bernalillo County quietly negotiated that upgrade for concerts at the Pavilion at Mesa del Sol in an unwritten deal more than a year ago, says County Commission Chairwoman Maggie Hart Stebbins.

State Land Commissioner Ray Powell, who took office just this year, said he would oppose any agreement in which the county received free tickets, especially if they were given in lieu of revenue that would otherwise support public purposes. He said he glad the county halted the practice.

you want to go to a show, buy tickets, Powell said.

Stebbins said she learned of the unwritten deal this spring.
cheap ray bans Before that, she said, she knew about some of the tickets and even used some herself but she was led to believe the practice was limited and written into longtime agreements predating her tenure.

The county no longer accepts free tickets or parking passes to concerts at the Pavilion, which the county subleases to a private company, Live Nation. Tickets range in price, but can top $100.

The state Land Office owns the land beneath the Pavilion, which is why the state is involved in the arrangement.

era of handshake deals is over, Stebbins said Tuesday in an interview. inappropriate. From now on, we want everything on paper and on the books.

Stebbins said the county had a long standing arrangement, since the 1990s, in which the operator of the concert Pavilion provided about a dozen free tickets to the county.

But the deal was expanded without being put in writing in 2009 or 2010, she said, with about 20 more tickets and a box provided to the county manager office for each concert.

deal was negotiated, certainly, without my knowledge, Stebbins said Tuesday.

Exactly who did know about it
cheap ray bans is unclear.

Then County Manager Thaddeus Lucero, for his part, said that whatever tickets he received were passed on to county employees. But it wasn kept secret from the Land Office or anyone else, he said.

was no deception on anybody part,
cheap ray bans Lucero said.

He said he wasn part of the negotiation with Live Nation and wasn sure whether the agreement was in writing. Lucero, who now works for the Mid Region Council of Governments, referred further questions to the county Legal Department.

County Attorney Jeff Landers, meanwhile, said his office had no involvement in negotiations about free tickets when the sublease was being renegotiated. His office worked with Live Nation to update its sublease agreement in 2009 and but most of the conversation focused on how to calculate rental payments.

Under a previous arrangement, which was in writing, the tickets were part of the compensation to the county for traffic services, Landers said.

One aspect of the new deal touched on tickets for county employees, but they weren free tickets, Landers said. Employees had to pay for them, and there was some discussion over how far in advance the employees had to buy tickets before they were released to the general public. Landers provided a letter between the county and Live Nation that showed the company expected county employees to pay for the tickets, not get them for free.

The state Land Office objected to even the paid for tickets, so it was removed from the deal, Landers said.

If there was a side deal for free tickets, Landers said, weren involved in any of those discussions, and he said his office never received any.

In any case, Live Nation pays cash for the traffic control services. Under one of the old agreements, it could have deducted the cost of the free tickets for its cash payments to the county, but it apparently never did so, according to the county.

Stebbins said she doesn believe Live Nation liked giving out free tickets, either.

comment to us was, like to have this arrangement in writing. So, yes, they were uncomfortable with the existing arrangement, Stebbins said.

The county Public Information Department received and distributed the tickets.

The Journal was unable to reach a Live Nation spokesman Tuesday afternoon.

Stebbins acknowledges that she went to a couple of concerts last year
cheap ray bans with tickets the county gave to her, as did other county officials. Most of the tickets she received, she said, were given to others or to charities.Articles Connexes:

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Guide to African Dance

Integral to the social fabric of life, African dances are reflective of the values of the community and there is often no difference between
fake oakley sunglasses cheap social recreation and celebration of rituals in the performances. The human voice is the most important
cheap oakleys musical instrument and the sound and rhythm of the drum evoke the entire community’s expressions.

Some of the most prominent African dances are Ndlamu of the Nguni, a Maasai dance called Adumu, Ghana’s Kpanlogo, Umteyo of the Xhosa, Yankadi, Macru, Moribayasa and Agahu and Mohobelo of the Sotho. Spectators can also participate in many African dances. There are several African dance ensembles and cultural companies that teach and perform all over the world to promote the dance forms. People interested in
cheap wholesale oakleys learning a particular dance form can signup for classes when in Africa. However, nowadays African dance is becoming popular all over the world and you may be able to find African dance classes near where you live. You can look for classes online or check the local art centres, dance associations or cultural centres that often run courses in many subjects, including various forms of dance.

Clearly emphasizing divisions of gender and community structures, traditional African dances follow strict rules. Usually while the body movements of men are fairly large, women make use of slighter movements with shuffle steps and bent knees. Different parts of the dancer’s body are juxtaposed with each other to create complex movements and the ecstatic seizure is an essential part of a traditional performance. Couple dancing is mostly not allowed since
replica oakleys many traditional African societies believe it is immoral. Warrior dances like Agbekor of the Foh and Ewe tribes, dances of love like Nmane in Ghana, dances of welcome like Yabara, dances of possession and dances to mark rites of passage or coming of age are some of the most common forms of
fake oakley sunglasses African dance.

As for
oakleys sunglasses Northern Africa, there are several dance forms that can be explored in the region. Countries such as Algeria, Tunisia or Morocco all have deeply rooted dance traditions such as the Berber dances or the shikhat in Morocco. Egypt is another country with a rich dance tradition; Egyptian belly dance style, for example, is very popular all over the world. There are many style of Egyptian belly dance, ranging from
fake oakleys saidi (a folk style traditionally danced with sticks), baladi (a traditional folkloric form of belly dance) or raqs sharqi , which is the most commonly known form of belly dance, also known as cabaret style.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Top 7 Ideas For Email Advertising Success

Always personalize. It’s much better to receive an email addressed
oakley sunglasses discount specifically to you than "Dear Friend" or "Dear Customer".

Identify the relationship that you have with the recipient early on. If you are sending to
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Include a way to
fake oakley wholesale remove the recipient from your list and honor it.
fake cheap oakley sunglasses Include your full contact information in every promotion.
fake oakleys cheap If possible, have this removal/signup process available
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Test, Test, Test. When working on a new email campaign, test different offers to find the one that generates the most interest. Have each version respond to a separate email address or web site so you can gauge the response and identify the copy that pulls.

No dead ends. Make sure and give the recipient a way to find out more about the topic of your email or actually place an order quickly. Every step you place between your desired end result and the prospect/customer slows down the process and causes them to lose interest. For example, don’t tell them about your latest and greatest widget, then send
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Articles Connexes:

Tio follando con dos transexuales muy hot

Un tío se ha ligado a estas dos transexuales muy hot con las que se ha montado tremendo trio, se las llevo a su casa, donde se metieron directo a la cama, así que las pone a chupar su polla hasta que se la dejan muy dura, luego las pone a cuatro patas para darles una gran follada anal a cada una hasta que las hace acabar.

Tio follando con dos transexuales muy hot

Un tio follando en una gangbang con travestis

Un tío se monta una gangbang con tres travestis muy sexys, el se agacha en medio de estas tres putitas y comienza a chuparles la polla, les da unas buenas mamadas de lujo hasta que les deja la polla muy dura, luego se coloca a cuatro patas para que ellas se lo follen por el culo hasta que lo hacen acabar.

Un tio follando en una gangbang con travestis

Un tio se la chupa a dos travestis

Bueno a este tío le gusta el sexo con travestis, así que esta vez se ha montado tremendo trio sexual con dos de ellas, mira como los tres se quitan a ropa, el se agacha y se pone a mamar dos pollas muy gordas, no para hasta que se las deja bien duras, así que luego le toca a el que le den una gran follada por el culete.

Un tio se la chupa a dos travestis

Travesti guapa follando en su primer trio

Se trata de una

travesti muy guapa que la podéis ver follando en su primer trio sexual, ha reunido a dos de sus vecinos con los que se pone a follar bien rico, mira como les da unas buenas mamadas de lujo, les deja una gran erección, así que ella se acuesta en la cama donde se deja follar por ese rico culo.

Dos chicos contra dos transexuales

Un tremendo video xxx gratis de dos chicos que se enfrentan contra dos transexuales en una gran orgia, ellas son las que le chupan la polla muy rico, les comen hasta los huevos, luego se ponen a cuatro patas para que estos tíos les partan el culo con

sus enormes pollas..

Dos tios se folla a una linda transexual

No dejes de ver este excelente vídeo de sexo en donde dos tíos muy guarros aparece follando a una linda transexual, mira como le dan a mamar sus enormes pollas, luego la ponen a cuatro patas y entre

los dos le destrozan el culo a pollazos, se la meten tan duro que la hace tener múltiples orgasmos…

Una gran orgia con una linda transexual rubia

Os dejo con una gran orgía con una linda transexual rubia muy guapa y cachonda que la podéis ver chupando tres pollones al mismo tiempo, se los mete a su boquita y les da tremendas mamadas, luego uno de ellos se la mete por el culo mientras se la sigue chupando a los otros dos…

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