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Vintage Glasses Are So Geek

Trendy Nerd Eyeglasses, Geek Eyeglasses, Vintage Eyeglasses, and Retro EyeglassesOne of the hottest trends in glasses are Nerd Glasses, those
cheap ray ban outlet retro specs that are also referred to as Geek Glasses or just Old Glasses. Whatever you call them they are now the "cool wearables" in fashion and highly sought after.

Spectacles (or eyeglasses) didn’t become fashionable until the 1940’s and 1950’s when fashion designers took an interest and made them "sexy". Those little round metal framed glasses of the past were revamped with new shapes and materials. In 1948 the first faux tortoise shell glasses were introduced followed by the famous Cat eyes in 1950. Then came the glamorous Lucite glasses of the 1960’s decorated with rhinestones and pearls. Talk about a "hot" commodity, glasses were now being made to be seen not hidden. Movie stars wearing their alluring sunglasses were caught in photos and placed in advertisements causing a mad demand for thglae new eye ware.

The Roman Emperor Nero had lenses made of cut emeralds that he wore while viewing gladiator games. How well he could see is questionable but being the Emperor his precious gem spectacles became a fashion hit among the rich trend setters of the time. I guess you could say that he was a fiddle playing "gem" star the predecessor to the modern rock star.

It would be fun to speculate on why he wore them but he must have looked
replica ray ban sunglasses "hot" in his fashionable toga and emerald lenses. After all he set Rome on fire!

The Retro Glasses Version of Nero’s Lenses Nero would have looked good in these!

American Optical, now known as "AO", can date its beginning back to 1826 at which time William Beecher, the companies founder, began an apprenticeship in Providence, Rhode Island, in the jeweler’s trade. When he came across a pair of crudely made spectacles he decided that he could make much better ones and put his sights on what he would achieve in his future.

In 1958 American Optical introduced the Flight Goggle 58, now known as the Original Pilot Sunglass
cheap ray bans was produced for the US military to provide pilots with maximum protection, optical performance and comfort. In 1969 these same glasses were worn by Commander Neil Armstrong and the crew of Apollo 11 in the first moon landing.

Another fun tidbit of info is that their Sunvogue sunglasses were worn on the cool bikers in the 1969 movie, Easy Rider, and the hotshot aviators in "Top Gun" wore aviator shaped frames as well.

A pretty cool real American company with their manufacturing facilities in Southbridge, Massachusetts.

AO Vintage Aviator Glasses

American Optical Pilot Aviator Sunglasses 55 mm Lens Matte Frame Bayonett Buy Now

Starting in the 1950′ big name designers including Christian Dior, Oleg Cassini, and Elsa Schiaparelli, were jumping on the band wagon to introduce new glass frames into the marketplace. Today these high end glasses are particularly valuable, with prices starting at $150. Vintage models by unknown makers are not as expensive with prices ranging from $25 to $100. The condition of the glass frames is very important, since most collectors want to wear the glasses. Good finds can be found on ebay, vintage glass shops, and Etsy. For remade vintage and retro spectacles Amazon has a large selection.

Vintage Designer Glasses You Can Own

1958 Foster Grant Ad

The Foster Grant Company was founded in 1919 in Leominster, Massachusetts by Sam Foster and Bill Grant. Their initial business was manufacturing womens’ hair accessories which quickly became financially successful until the mid 1920’s when women cut their locks for the more famous short "roaring 20’s bob styles". In 1929 they sold half of the interest
replica ray bans in their company to the Goody company, then began manufacturing sunglasses with their first pair being sold at Woolworth’s on the famous Boardwalk of Atlantic City. These were the first sunglasses sold as an over the counter consumer item.

Their sunglasses quickly became popular among the fun seekers in Atlantic City, then the fad spread quickly across the land. Suddenly movie stars like Greta Garbo were wearing Foster Grants and even the king of Egypt sported a pair. The image of sunglasses changed completely. You didn’t have to have weak vision to wear them, they became "sexy" and mysterious with a touch of intrigue. They had an air of luxury in a time when people had little, it was during the Great Depression that Foster Grant began their claim to fame.

csgeek 4 years ago

Have a daughter that is very much in to older sunglasses. she recently found one of the orig ray ban torties. and wears them every where. cool lens.

squidoopets 4 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

Vintage glasses are cool I’d like to chew on a plastic pair sometime :) Ruff!

I love these old ads. It was great to see Ann Sheridan in one of the images. She’s one of my favorite classic film stars.

grandma deal 4 years ago

I recognized my Mom’s old glasses on here. Wonder if she ever knew how cool she was? I don’t think I could wear any of these glasses. It would be like deja vu. But I did enjoy the lens. A fun look at eyewear.Articles Connexes:

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Fortress and Port 1756

In June 1759, British General James Wolfe arrived with close to 150 ships, 13,500 sailors and crew, and an army of 8,500 soldiers to conquer Qu City. French Lieutenant General Louis Joseph de Montcalm rallied almost 15,000 troops to defend the city.

As of July, some 1,900 British cannons were shelling the city without respite. Nearly 15,000 cannon balls and bullets rained down on Qu forcing its inhabitants to flee. The city held for a few weeks, but on the night of
discount ray bans September 12 to 13, 4,500 British soldiers scaled Cape Diamond from Anse au Foulon. Wolfe mustered his troops where Mus national des beaux arts du Qu stands today. Upon hearing the news, Montcalm left his camp in Beauport with 4,500 regular soldiers and 2,000 militiamen and Amerindians, and gathered his troops where the Martello towers stand today. A half hour after the battle began, the French army was forced to retreat. Almost 650 people were killed or injured on each side, and both generals died. The city fell five days later.

The following spring, 7,000 French soldiers marched from Montr to Qu City under the orders of the Duke of L They faced 4,000 men led by James Murray, and won what became known as the Battle of Sainte Foy. L set up camp and waited for reinforcements from France to help him take back the city. Unfortunately for the French, the first ships to arrive in May were flying English flags. L was forced to retreat to Montr which fell in September 1760. Qu City was eventually named capital of the Province of Quebec British colony.

In Memoriam

In 1852, remains belonging to French and English soldiers who perished in the Battle of Sainte Foy were discovered. A burial ceremony was held on July 18, 1855, and the cornerstone to Monument des Braves was laid. Unveiled in 1863, the monument is now on Chemin Sainte
discount ray bans Foy, opposite Avenue des Braves.

Behind the Fortress Walls

Fearing both an attempt by the French to take back the colony and an uprising in the city, the conquerors quickly built up the city defenses. Guardhouses went up at each city gate to track residents comings and goings. Following the American invasion
replica ray ban sunglasses of 1775 attempt to free Canadians from British rule English shored up their defenses once again. The Martello towers and particularly the Citadel was built between 1819 and 1832 testaments to the city embattled past. Adlard, circa 1840, Archives de la Ville de Qubec.

The first half of the 19th century was a golden age for the wood trade and shipbuilding. The Port of Qu was the third largest in the Americas behind New York City and New Orleans
cheap ray bans as Napoleon I continental blockade cut off British access to Baltic ports and wood supplies.

No fewer than 26 inlets between Montmorency and Cap Rouge were used by the wood industry. The owners merchants of English and Scottish origin thousands of French Canadian and Irish laborers to build ships, square wood, and load and unload cargo.

A Historic Journey

Built in Qu City, the Royal William became the first Canadian steamboat to cross the Atlantic in 1833. A model of it is on display in the library of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec. Mus national des beaux arts du Qu has a painting of the ship. Dated 1834, it is thought to be the oldest of its kind in the museum collection. Andrew, circa 1850, Archives de la Ville de Qubec.

A Wood Merchant Ahead of his Time

John Munn Jr. owned of one of Saint Roch largest shipyards, which produced close to 100 boats from 1821 to 1857. Munn had stone houses built for his employees on his own property, the first workers houses of their kind in Canada.

Village of Lorette, Chas W. Bartlett and W. Mossman, 1840, Archives de la Ville de Qubec.

A Popular Destination

Over the years, Qu City became an increasingly popular tourist destination. Rates were determined according to vehicle type and the number of horses. Unruly herds of sheep, pigs, or cattle were also subject to tolls. The name has stuck ever since.Articles Connexes:

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How To Increase Skating Endurance for Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a sport played with teams and on ice in a hockey rink where skaters need to direct a disk or puck towards the goal of the opposing team with the use of hockey sticks. It is more frequently played in areas that are cold enough to develop natural ice coverings although more recently, indoor
cheap michael kors rinks are able to produce artificial ice grounds to play on. This is a very physical contact sport and does carry an amount of injury risks, which is why protective gear is a requirement. This would include helmets, elbow and shoulder pads, gloves, mouth guards, hockey pants that are actually padded shorts,
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet and shin pads, among others.

Because it is quite fast paced, ice hockey players need a great amount of
cheap Michael Kors stamina to last through a game. This is not an easy sport to get into and being physically fit is a basic requirement to even get started. There are several exercises and drills you could practice to obtain sufficient amount of energy to play a
cheap michael kors good game of ice hockey. Here are some tips:

Learn power skating. One very important step you can take to build up your endurance in ice hockey is taking up a course on power skating. An important element of skating is developing a good form. When a hockey player is able to make some changes to his form, no matter how small these changes may be, it can make a lot of difference on his speed. Go to an indoor training place where you can work on your form by making use of skate treadmills. This will help you improve on your stride and your speed.

Use long, smooth strides. Avoid wasting good energy when you use small and uneven strides when traveling through the ice to run after a puck. Use longer and smoother strides just like the best hockey players do and
Michael Kors handbags outlet you will be conserving a lot of that energy you can use throughout the game. At the same time, try to maintain your swiftness after doing some fast strides to increase your speed.

Do the resisted push drill. Find another player who will work with you on this one, preferably someone who is just about the same size as you are. On the goal line, stand facing in each other’s direction. The person who will be facing the boards will do the working while the other person gives out the resistance. Both players must hold a stick right in between them just about the height of both their
cheap Michael Kors handbags chests. The player who is doing the resisting must dig in his skates moderately while the working player tries to push him backward and towards the goal line. Once this is accomplished both players reverse roles. The process
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet should be repeated twice.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

Amigas travestis en las webcams

Ahora les dejamos con un vídeo porno que se trata de unas pay for homework tías travestis morenas que siempre han sido buenas amigas, por eso ahora que se han quedado sin dinero para pagar el alquiler se han metido a las webcams para follar bien duro mientras cobran porque las vean en acción…
Amigas travestis en las webcams

Asiática travesti se hace la paja

El día de hoy les dejamos con una travesti que es asiática, es una de esas japonesas muy calientes que disfruta mucho de hacerse una buena paja, pero antes de comenzar a jalarse la polla ella se calienta mientras nos provoca mostrando su menudito cuerpo…
Asiática con lencería se masturba frente a un espejo

Dos travestis muy zorras follando con la misma polla

La verdad es que este vídeo porno me ha causado mucho morbo debido a la calidad de putas que puedes ver en él, se trata de dos zorritas travestis que disfrutan de compartir la misma polla por puro gusto, entre las dos se ponen a chupar y a gozar con un negro por puro vicio…
Dos travestis muy zorras follando con la misma polla

Transexual flaquita cabalgando una enorme polla

Aquí os dejo con esta transexual flaquita a la que le gusta el sexo anal y es que es 100% pasiva, así que esta vez la hemos puesto a follar con este tío que tiene una enorme polla, ella le hace una gran mamada hasta que le deja la polla muy dura, se monta encima de el y comienza a cabalgar como toda una puta.

Transexual flaquita cabalgando una enorme polla

Transexual follando en la lavandería

Esta vez os dejo con una transexual que le gusta follar en todos lados, así que mira como se monta tremendo polvo con este tío en la lavandería, donde ella se desnuda por completo, se agacha y le hace una espectacular mamada, luego se pone a cuatro patas y se deja follar por el ano que le queda todo destrozado.

Transexual follando en la lavanderia

Una rubia transexual montando una buena polla

A esta rubia transexual le gustan mucho las pollas grandes y lechosas, son su perdición, así que esta vez la podéis ver follando con este chico que tiene una buena polla, ella se la agarra con sus dos manos y se la chupa hasta que se la deja muy dura, se monta encima de el para recibir una gran follada muy profunda.

Una rubia transexual montando una buena polla

Travesti moviendose muy rico arriba de una polla

Aquí os dejo con esta travesti que se quita toda la ropa hasta quedar desnuda, así que se monta tremendo polvo con este chico, ella se la chupa hasta que se la deja muy dura, luego se encima de el y se mete la polla por el ano, se mueve bien rico hasta que no puede más y acaba por tener un gran orgasmo.

Travesti moviendose muy rico arriba de una polla

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